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Happy New Year!

The next community evening that I have scheduled is Friday, January 28, 2011.

With the coming of the New Year, it is time to shed old ideas and thoughts and embrace the new frequencies and possibilities available to us all.

It is my intention to hold this event at Journeys (the old M.D.).  If there are not as many people able to join us for this event, I will moving the venue.

A previous e-mail was sent out to the e-mail list of those who furnished me with their information.  For any people that I may have missed in that e-mail, I hope you will forgive the oversight.

Please bring to the gathering a blanket or pillow to sit on, a water bottle, a snack for sharing, a candle, an open heart and $10.00.

I would ask that you please RSVP your intention to attend.  If I do not get an e-mail from you confirming your attendance, I will assume that you will be unable to join me and will move the venue to my healing space, which has very limited space.

My wish for you all in this New Year is to stand in the full illumination of your light, to expand your heart space and to remember who you truly are.

With blessings and gratitude,


Treatments Make An Excellent Gift!!

This time of year often makes us feel like our lists are too long, our work is never done and our responsibilities are overwhelming. We once again begin the juggling act of trying to work, fulfill our duties at home, manage our budgets and our children, get the tree up, gifts wrapped and fill our fridges for the upcoming festivities.  By the time we have celebrated Christmas and whooped it up at New Years, we are usually physically exhausted and emotionally drained. 

If you are looking for a way to give someone the gift of love and nurturing, perhaps you should consider purchasing a treatment for a loved one. 

An hour treatment gives the gift of relaxation, physical relief, mental clarity and spiritual uplifting.  With the use of essential oils, music that balances the body and raises the personal vibration and body tuning forks, it is an experience well worth gifting to those that you love and want the very best for.

Giving the gift of wellness is one of the best ways to show your loved ones that they matter to you and you want the very best for them.

Gift Certificates are available.  For the Christmas Special, if you purchase two treatments up front, you save $25.00.

May the spirit of the season and the blessings of those you love be the only thing that matters to you…

With Blessings and Light,


December 17, 2010 Community Gathering

This is a reminder that I have scheduled the next Community Evening for December 17, 2010.  Our Lunar Eclipse is happening on December 21, 2010 so it will be a blessing to come together to anchor the light for the upcoming shift taking place. 

We will be gathering at Journeys (the old M.D.) from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.

Thank you to all those that have given me their thoughts and suggestions for our upcoming gathering.  All the feedback has been positive and very heartwarming.

I have received responses from those that are planning on attending.  If you are feeling called to join us, please send me an e-mail confirming your attendance so I have an idea of how many will be joining us. 

Please bring with you a blanket or pillow to sit on, water, a snack for sharing and $10.00.

I look forward to sharing space with you all at this special time of the year. 




How blessed we are to live in a community of so many amazing and wonderful people.  There were 27 people in total that came together to share their open minds, energy and open hearts.  To all those that felt called to share space with me, I send you my deepest gratitude for sharing the gift of your light and energy with us all.

As we were blessed to be able to utilize the library for our gathering, I felt the need to pay that blessing forward.  From the proceeds received from the evening I purchased various items through the World Vision catalogue in order to assist those less fortunate than we are.  Thank you all for helping to make a difference for those in need.

The next community evening gathering will be held on Friday, December 17.  I realize that December is a busy month with all the Christmas preparations and gatherings but I also set the intention that we would hold space together once a month.  If you plan on attending, please let me know.  If the general consensus is that this time of year is too busy for another event, we will schedule our next community evening for January, 2011.

In our next gathering we will be honouring Mama Cocha, water.  We will learn an invocation to water, along with how to bring vibration up in the food we put into our bodies.  We will also be doing a visualization technique to bring more energy into our bodies – a good thing to know at any time of the year!

As this is a community gathering, all ideas or suggestions are  welcomed and encouraged for upcoming gatherings.  If you loved something, let me know… if you didn’t like something, also let me know.  The intention of having a community evening was so that people with like-minds would feel encouraged to share their ideas and wisdom.  It also gives us an opportunity to anchor our lights together instead of feeling like we are doing that alone. 

The requirements for the evening will once again be:  a water bottle, blanket or pillow for sitting on, a snack for sharing (keep it simple), anything you would like to put on the alter and $10.00.

I look forward to hearing from you all and it will be a blessing to sharing space with you again.

With Blessings and Light,  Dixie      


Thank you to all those that have replied regarding the upcoming Community Evening scheduled for November 12, 2010 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

Due to the number of people planning on attending that evening, I have had to move the evening to another location.  It is now being held at the Claresholm Library in order to give us sufficient space for all those attending.

So, I will recap what you need to bring for the evening:  a water bottle, a blanket or pillow to sit on, a small snack for sharing, a candle, $10.00, and most importantly, an open heart.

I look forward to sharing space with all those called to attend the evening. 

Until we meet, I wish you blessings and light…



Thank you to all those that have responded to the night of community being held on November 12, 2010 at 7:00. 

One thing I forgot to mention is that I would like to ask you all to bring a candle with you that evening.  It doesn’t need to be elaborate or large, anything that lights will suffice.

I look forward to sharing space with you all that evening.  Also, keep you snack small as we have a good number of people attending and there should be a vast array of munchies for us all to share.

Blessings,  Dixie


I invite you to join me on Friday, November 12, 2010 from 7:00 p.m.  to 9:00 p.m. for an evening of coming together with like-minded individuals.  Community is very important and having a sense of belonging at this time is essential to our well-beings.

Our time together will be filled with some toning, meditation, sharing ideas, honoring self, Pachamama, Pachatata, Mama Cocha, the Apus, the Apacunas, sharing laughter and embracing the sense of belonging that we all strive for.

Please bring water, a snack or sharing, a blanket for pillow to sit on, $10.00 and most importantly, an open heart.

This event is being held in my healing space and it is my intention to hold this type of community sharing once a month.

If you would like to attend but don’t know where my space is located, send me an e-mail and I will give you directions.  I would appreciate it if you would send me an e-mail as well if you plan on attending so I have an idea as to the number of people coming to participate.

I look forward to sharing space with those called to be there.

Blessings and Light,


Dixie is in Peru!

Hello everyone!  This is Velma.  I’m Dixie’s web-techie friend.

She had asked me to write a note that she is leaving for Peru and would share the trip when she gets back.  Well, she’s going to be back in one week, and I’m just finally getting around to writing the note she asked me to write nearly two weeks ago.

She’s in Cusco right now.  Here’s a short tidbit from the email she sent me today:

We went to a beautiful place today called Tipon and saw a hummingbird.  It was amazing and wonderful.  Everyone calls me ¨lady¨here so I am beginning to think that is my name.

I’m looking forward to hearing the stories, and I’ll do my best to coach her into sharing her experience here too.



The "Introduction to Toning" Class was Awesome!!

This past weekend, 26 enthusiastic people came together in Nanton for an afternoon of sound exploration.  We all experienced a great deal of laughter and companionship over the course of the afternoon.  This was a class based on getting in the physical body and “feeling” as opposed to using the logical mind to grasp at the information being assimilated.

The time went so quickly and the feedback was positive and heart-warming.   I will add some of the testimonials from the class to my Testimonial page.

Thank you to all those that were able to make the class and who experienced the sound and vibration created by 26 voices toning together… it was powerful and awe inspiring to watch and to listen to.

I have been asked to hold another class so as soon as I am able to work out a schedule, I will post it to here.  Stay tuned…

I am doing Acutonics sessions by appointment.  Acutonics is an amazing system based on tuning forks whose frequencies and tones are used along the meridians of the body, much like Acupuncture, but without needles.  Sound travels four times farther in water and given that our bodies are made up of mostly water, the Acutonics system of healing is very effective for dealing with physical pain, emotional issues, spiritual grounding and quietening the mind.

If you would be interested in receiving an Acutonics session, kindly send me an email to dixieATaboveandbeyondhealingDOTbiz, by telephone to (403) 625-4688, or through the Contact form. (The email is spelled out on purpose! You will need to put the appropriate symbols in place, of course.)

I am in the process of putting together some other classes so please check back often so you can see what is coming up in the next bit.

I very warmly invite you to check out my dear friend, Corinna’s new website.  Corinna is one of the most heart-centered and loving women that I have been blessed to teach with and work on.  She is the woman that I go to personally for my own body work and I highly recommend her services to anyone blessed to spend time with her.  Her website link is attached here at Ascension of Spirit Services.

In the Oneness and in Service,

Dixie L. Sadownyk

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“Introduction to Toning” Class

I am thrilled to be offering an “Introduction to Toning” Class, the details of which are as follows:

Date:  January 30, 2010
Time:  1:00 to 4:00 pm.
Location:  Nanton, Alberta (directions will be provided)

Bring your voice, a pen and notebook, as well as an open mind and heart. Please wear comfortable clothing layered for warmth.

Cost:  $50 per person

Please Reserve your seat by email to dixieATaboveandbeyondhealingDOTbiz, by telephone to (403) 625-4688, or through the Contact form. (The email is spelled out on purpose! You will need to put the appropriate symbols in place, of course.)

Invite your family and friends!


Dixie L. Sadownyk

PS ~ Feel free to use the “Share This” button below to invite your friends and family.